We are interested in interactive touch screens, supplied in the Cyprus Market (Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, etc..)

Dear sirs

We obtained information about your interactive touch screen range of products over the internet. 

The purpose of this e-mail message is to express our interest for cooperation in the Cyprus Market (Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, etc..) provided you are free and not committed with another company here in Cyprus. 

Should you be interested for such a cooperation we look forward receiving a full set of marketing and technical literature for evaluation. 

Anxiously waiting for your reply with great interest.

Best Regards 

Angelo Philippou
Technical Director

P.O.Box 28712

2082 Nicosia


( Phone   : + 357 22314151 
( Fax        : + 35722312662
* e-mail : cvp@cvp.com.cy

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